‘AGT’ Season 16 Finale Recap: A New Winner Is Crowned…


There has been a new ‘AGT’ champion crowned. During the show’s 2-hour finale, the winner of Season 16 was announced. Discover who came up on top.

The winner of America’s Got Talent season 16 was announced after weeks of fierce competition. Before host Terry Crews presented the results, the top 10 contestants performed with special guests. Given the level of competition, anyone could have been the winner.

A duet by Jimmie Herrod kicks off the evening. With Idina Menzel and the Northwell Health Nurse Choir, he performs a magnificent rendition of Wicked’s “Defying Gravity.” Finalist Aidan Bryant and the World Taekwondo Demonstration Team join Olympians Jordan Chiles and MyKayla Skinner in a stunning performance.

Agt Season 16 Finale Recap A New Winner Is Crowned Hellip

Aidan Bryant’s show-stopping finale performance. (NBC)

Brooke Simpson adds a variation to her previous “White Flag” finale performance. She sings the song with Bishop Briggs for her final AGT performance! The singers are in perfect harmony. Gina Brillion shares the stage with George Lopez for a stand-up routine. When Gina begins shaving George’s head, things take a turn for the worst!

Idina returns to the AGT stage to perform her Cinderella song “Dream Girl.” The Frozen actress is the epitome of tenacity! With a little help from Modern Family star Rico Rodriguez, Dustin Tavella and Mat Franco perform together. Sofia is happy to see her former onscreen son again. Victory Brinker and Pentatonix team up for a stunning rendition of “The Prayer.”

But first, let’s look at the numbers. The top five acts have been revealed. Gina Brillon and Josh Blue are the first to be named, with Josh becoming the first to make the top 5. Following that are Jimmie Herrod and Léa Kyle. Léa is the one who makes it into the top 5. Jimmie’s elimination has left Sofia Vergara speechless. Aidan Bryant, Brooke Simpson, and Dustin Tavella are the final three acts in the top five.

Agt Season 16 Finale Recap A New Winner Is Crowned Hellip

Dustin Tavella on the ‘AGT’ finale with Rico Rodriguez and Mat Franco. (NBC)

Léa Kyle is the fifth-place finisher. Heidi Klum, who presented Léa with her Golden Buzzer, said she was “very pleased” of her work on the show. Brooke Simpson is the fourth-placed performer. Brooke’s previous performance was “sensational,” according to Simon Cowell, who has high expectations for her future. Josh Blue, Aidan Bryant, and Dustin Tavella are the final three players. Josh Blue is the act who came in third place.

‘AGT’ Season 16 Winner Revealed 

It’s down to Aidan Bryant, an adolescent aerialist, and Dustin Tavella, a magician. One of their lives is going to change drastically. Dustin Tavella is the winner of AGT season 16! He takes home $1 million and a Las Vegas headline concert!

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