Afghan media workers in peril as U.S. withdraws; IFJ and…

Afghan Media Workers In Peril As U S Withdraws Ifj And

The Association of Health Care Journalists has been watching the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan in the course of recent weeks with incredible worry for the Afghan public and especially our kindred writers and media laborers.

Alongside significant news associations that have utilized neighborhood columnists and based their U.S. staff members in Afghanistan, various associations are attempting to clear columnists from this risky circumstance.

One of them is the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), which has an asset to assist with eliminating columnists from dangerous circumstances. IFJ is one of 50 associations that has requested the G7 to help the protected expulsion from Afghan media laborers from the nation and facilitate their entrance into nations of asylum.

Since we care about news-casting and columnists everywhere, we need our individuals to know that there are approaches to help Afghan media laborers and their families as the Aug. 31 cutoff time for a total U.S. military withdrawal approaches. We realize you’re watching, as well, and maybe considering how to help.

IFJ’s asset is one of those ways, however, you may likewise need to know about endeavors in the urban communities where you reside. Search the hashtag #AfghanistanHelp on Twitter for different thoughts regarding how to help.

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