8 pandemic spending habits I plan to keep up forever

8 Pandemic Spending Habits I Plan To Keep Up Forever

America’s spending habits are reverting to pre-pandemic levels, according to a new research by Axios. That is not the case in my house.

While I’ve always considered myself to be a frugal person, after the pandemic hit, I began to spend money in what I perceived to be “luxurious” ways. Blame it on cabin fever or existential dread; it was also a truth that I had a little more disposable income because to pandemic unemployment insurance.

Despite the fact that things in my town have returned to normal and the pandemic unemployment benefits have ended, my spending patterns have not changed. The following viral spending habits just might be here to stay because I realized what felt like splurges were actually rather modest purchases, and because these products and services drastically improved my life.

1. I stockpile cleaning supplies  

While I’ve never been one of those toilet-paper hoarders, I did pick up a couple extra bottles of bleach spray, sanitizing wipes, and everything else we’d need if someone became sick at the onset of the epidemic. I’ve kept the habit for the past eighteen months. I enjoy not running out of dish soap or laundry soap.

2. I support local farmers

When the town’s grocery shop closed, I began using Two Birds Provisions, a hyper-local delivery service. I became a patron this past spring. This means that a cooler full of locally grown produce, butcher shop items, and other locally produced goods is brought to my door on a weekly basis. Everything is incredibly fresh, I’m supporting a family-run business, and it’s all less expensive than going to the supermarket.

3. I have a flower subscription

8 Pandemic Spending Habits I Plan To Keep Up Forever

Flowers from Parcel Flower Co. Melissa Petro

I went all out when I became a Two Birds patron and added a weekly flower subscription. A bouquet of locally grown flowers and foliage delivered weekly from the Parcel Flower Co. costs less than a large deluxe pizza — and fresh flowers brighten up a home like nothing else.

4. I regularly refresh my wardrobe

8 Pandemic Spending Habits I Plan To Keep Up Forever

Dressing is fun even if you’re staying at home. Melissa Petro

Every six months, my kids get a new clothing; you’d think I’d buy at least one pair of matching socks! Not until this fall, when I took a look at my COVID wardrobe and realized it was time to part with the bleach-stained sweatshirts, house dresses from my pregnancy, and worn-out leggings with holes in the crotch. Every time I go shopping for my kids, I make a point of picking up some new stuff for myself as well.

5. I’m amassing a collection of actual pajamas

The Washington Post reported in December 2020 that pajamas are having a moment. I completely agree. Instead of going to bed in a t-shirt and sweatpants every night, I gave in to my inner granny this Spring and started collecting cotton and flannel nightgowns like this fantastic number (with pockets!).

6. I hire household help

As if dealing with a global pandemic wasn’t enough, I was hit by a car while crossing the street last July. Surprisingly, I was mostly fine. Because completing housework was practically impossible due to a fractured wrist, we hired a maid to handle the majority of the chores. Sure, hiring outside help isn’t cheap, but in cases where you can’t do something yourself or when time is truly of the essence, it’s well worth the money. We now keep our housekeeper’s phone number on file in case of an emergency, and we used Biden’s child tax credit to hire the nanny of our dreams, just as soon as we were immunized.

7. I’m investing in kitchen gear

8 Pandemic Spending Habits I Plan To Keep Up Forever

Homemade cake with buttercream frosting thanks to my new KitchenAid mixer. Melissa Petro

Months of dining at home put my cooking skills to the test. It also put my cookware to the test. We’ve acquired at least one new pot and proper glassware in the last year or so (although I still prefer drinking out of an old jar). But what has been my favorite culinary purchase thus far? To gratify my inner Stepford wife, I bought a KitchenAid mixer. Brand-name stand mixers are notoriously expensive, but if you go secondhand, you can locate one for half the price, like I did.

8. Skin-care products galore

If it appears like I started spending a lot of money on myself, it’s merely because I never did before. Taking care of myself has now become the norm, thanks to the pandemic. Take, for example, my skincare routine: what began off as a one-step program that included a liquid exfoliation, Retinoid serum, and this Vitamin C serum prescribed by the physician who performs my Botox — and, yes, I started getting Botox since you can’t hide your “elevens” behind a face mask.

We’re lucky that the pandemic has left us with more discretionary cash rather than less, and I’m pleased to spend it both supporting local businesses and indulging myself. Investing in new underwear or proper daycare shouldn’t require an existential danger, but here we are.

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