5 Things To Know About Simon Monjack’s Secret Son’s Mother


The fact that her husband, Simon Monjack, surreptitiously fathered a child with Elizabeth Ragsdale is one of the many surprising disclosures in ‘What Happened, Brittany Murphy?’ Here’s everything you need to know about it.

There have been many doubts about Brittany Murphy’s death from pneumonia and anemia in 2009, as well as her association with Simon Monjack, a low-level Hollywood screenwriter who died of similar conditions six months later.

What Happened, Brittany Murphy? was a two-part HBO Max documentary that attempted to unravel some of the mystery surrounding her death. It also revealed a startling fact: Simon fathered not one, but two children with other women.

Elizabeth Ragsdale was one of those women. Brittany Murphy’s first public comment about her hidden connection with Simon and their now-18-year-old lovechild is What Happened, Brittany Murphy? Here’s the dirt on Elizabeth while the world digests all of the new facts about Simon, Brittany, and their contentious relationship.

1. Elizabeth & Simon Had A Relationship In The 1990s

Simon and Brittany are said to have met when she was 17 and he got friends with her mother, Sharon Murphy. Around that time, Simon began dating Elizabeth, a Parisian woman. Because… their relationship was more than just a one-off…

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Simon Monjack

2. Elizabeth Was Once Engaged To Simon

Simon proposed to Elizabeth in a Harrod’s department store in Paris in June 1998. Simon’s facade, though, began to break around this time. After being turned down for sex, he broke down in tears and told Elizabeth that he had “spinal cancer” and was receiving treatment in Monaco. They made love when Elizabeth agreed to his urging. “He was quite hard,” she stated in the documentary What Happened, Brittany Murphy?, adding that they didn’t always have sex “when I wanted to.”

3. He Told Her His ‘Cancer’ Treatments Would Make Him ‘Sterile’ 

When the two were in Monaco in September 1998, he told her that if they wanted to have children, she needed to get pregnant quickly away because his “sharp cartilage treatments” would render him sterile.

Linda Monjack, Simon’s mother, defended her late son, claiming that after his father died of cancer, he developed terrible paranoia. “I don’t believe he went out to inform folks he was dying of cancer.” She stated, “I believe he believed it.” Whether he believed it or not, the outcome was the same: Elizabeth became pregnant in Monaco.

4. She Gave Birth To Their Son In 2003

Elizabeth had a difficult pregnancy. While she was pregnant with her and Simon’s child, she became terribly ill. Simon turned down Elizabeth’s request to fly her sister and her family to Monaco. Elizabeth’s friend became concerned when she realized she was shut off from everyone and that her isolation was taking its toll. When Elizabeth came to visit, a friend said that she appeared to have returned from a “concentration camp.” Simon was challenged by this acquaintance, who advised him to take Elizabeth to the doctor right away! If he didn’t, Elizabeth believes she would, and she believes this friend saved her life.

Simon stated that he intended to have the baby in the United States, so he travelled back to New York before Elizabeth. When Elizabeth arrived in New York, she called Simon to let him know she had arrived. He got off the phone with her. Following that, Elizabeth’s attempts to contact Simon were futile. After Simon effectively abandoned her, Elizabeth called his mother, Linda, who disclosed that Simon was not suffering from cancer and had been spending Elizabeth’s money all along.

After some time, Elizabeth was able to contact the owner of the villa where Simon was staying. The owner informed Elizabeth that Simon had already found someone else, which infuriated her. She turned her rage inward and considered killing herself, but she decided against it for the sake of her child.

In 2003, she gave birth to a son, Elijah Ragsdale.

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Brittany and Simon

5. Elizabeth Thinks Simon Contributed To Brittany’s Death

After he and Brittany were engaged in 2007, Simon finally called Elizabeth. Simon promised to purchase Elizabeth a property, which Elizabeth believes was his means of buying her silence. “With him being married to Brittany, the stakes were a lot higher,” she explained. “He didn’t want anyone to know I was with his son out there.” Simon also threatened to kidnap Elijah, which was why Elizabeth remained mute.

“I understand why Britany went with Simon. He cast his enchantment on her. And she was duped. In the document, she said, “Like I did.” She also believes Simon was involved in Brittany’s tragic death. “I suspected he had something to do with Brittany Murphy’s weight loss when I observed her growing so thin.” He had a thing for anorexic ladies. ‘Do you really think you need to wear those jeans?’ he’d ask, looking at me from behind in my pants. ‘Because you know, you kind of…’ she explained.

“I feel that even if Simon Monjack did not kill Brittany Murphy, he allowed her to die because he failed to get her to a doctor and seek her care,” Ragsdale continued. “And I believe he did the same thing to himself because he knew he needed medical help.” He didn’t understand, and he died as a result. He’d sooner die than be exposed as the con artist that he was.”

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