5 Facts About The Teen Who Saved 12 Siblings From The ‘House Of Horrors’

Jordan Turpin: 5 Things To Know About Teen Who Saved…

Jordan Turpin managed to flee the ‘home of horrors’ and dialed 911 to save her siblings from their cruel parents. Learn more about Jordan as she tells her story in a new special.

Jordan Turpin has been hailed as a hero since she rescued her 12 siblings from their parents’ “home of horrors” a few years ago. Jordan, who was 17 at the time, and her siblings were held captive in David and Louise Turpin’s home in Perris, California, where they were subjected to horrendous cruelty.

Jordan heroically crawled through a window and dialed 911 on January 14, 2018, saving the siblings and arresting David and Louise. The couple pleaded guilty to 14 felony charges in 2019, including child cruelty and torture, as well as false imprisonment.

They were given sentences ranging from 25 to life in prison. Jordan, now 21, and Jennifer, 31, will speak out about their ordeal in a 20/20 exclusive, Escape From a House of Horror, with Diane Sawyer, airing Nov. 19.

Learn everything there is to know about Jordan Turpin, including how she pulled off her life-changing escape and how she’s adjusted since her release.

Jordan was subjected to horrible maltreatment by her parents.

For years, Jordan and her siblings were subjected to unspeakable acts of cruelty by their parents. The children, aged 2 to 29, were frequently abused and hungry, and some were tied to their beds. According to deputies, the children were only fed once a day and only showered once a year. Jordan said in the 20/20 episode that they were “so close to death so many times” and that they awoke afraid every day. Jordan recounted, “Mother choked me, and I believed I was going to die.”

Jordan was inspired to flee by Justin Bieber.

Jordan praises Justin Bieber for providing her the motivation to ultimately leave her parents’ house in the special. She told Diane, “I don’t know where we’d be if we didn’t watch Justin Bieber.” “My mother and father would sometimes leave us, especially when we were younger. The older kids would sneak into the room and turn on the television. So we’d watch music videos and such, and that’s where we picked up a lot of information. I’d spend a lot of time watching Justin Bieber.

” Jordan went on to say that witnessing the “Baby” singer’s interviews inspired her to leave their harsh home and pursue her dreams. “Watching him taught me to study quickly and intelligently because I began to pay attention,” she explained. “I began to realize that there is another universe out there.” I just knew one universe, and it felt like I was always in it. ‘I always wanted to be out there,’ I would say. I want to be like that, liberated rather than bound.’

5 Facts About The Teen Who Saved 12 Siblings From The 039 House Of Horrors 039

Jordan Turpin

Jennifer, Jordan’s older sister, advised her on their escape strategy.

Jennifer, Jordan’s older sister, was a huge assistance in their daring escape. Jordan said she was inspired to devise an escape plan after two of her younger sisters were confined to their beds for four months in a preview for the 20/20 episode. “I was terrified that one of us was going to die,” she explained. Jennifer, who was 29 at the time, recalled, “She was like, ‘We need to get out of here.'”

“So I gave her every piece of advice I knew, every piece of counsel I could.” The plan had been in the works for two years, but it had been accelerated by their mother’s news that they would be moving to Oklahoma soon. “We were moving the next day,” Jennifer told Diane. “It was a case of now or never.”

Jordan was the one who dialed 911 to report her parents’ whereabouts.

Jordan and her brothers were finally released on January 14, 2018, after the then-teenager fled from a window and ran out to the street, where she dialed 911. Jordan made the exact call to authorities after escaping, according to an audio recording from the 20/20 episode. Jordan explains, “I just ran away from home because I live in a household of 15, and my parents are abusive.”

“My two younger sisters are now shackled to their beds.” When Jordan was speaking with Diane, he pondered on that life-changing experience. “My entire body was trembling.” “I couldn’t dial 9-1-1,” she explained. Jordan revealed to the police that she was unfamiliar with the region she lived in and what medication she was taking in another clip from the special. “I was actually on the road,” she explained in the interview, “since I didn’t even know about the sidewalks.” “I’d never gone out there before.”

5 Facts About The Teen Who Saved 12 Siblings From The 039 House Of Horrors 039

David and Louise Turpin in court on January 18, 2018

Jordan is thriving in her post-liberation existence.

Jordan and her brothers have been living in the real world for almost four years, and they’ve done their best to acclimate. According to E! News, Jordan obtained her high school diploma one year after the escape, as revealed in the 20/20 broadcast.

She is presently enrolled in college. Jordan further confirmed to Diane that after their release, all of the siblings have maintained in touch, thanks in part to Jordan. “It’s a very meaningful experience every time we’re together,” she remarked. “At the end of the day, we always know we’re going to have each other.”

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