49ers get away with blatant dirty hit on Davante Adams…


Whether it was on purpose or not, the 49ers’ defensive back Jimmy Ward should have been ejected from the game for his hit on Packers wideout Davante Adams.

Ward, on the other hand, was not flagged right away, and Adams was down on the play.

Packers fans held their breath as Adams lay on the ground, hoping he would make a full recovery.

Jimmy Ward took out Davante Adams with a dirty hit

Ward rushed over from his safety position and laid out Aaron Rodgers’ favorite weapon after the ball was deflected by Adams, who was sprinting deep on the play.

There was no real reason offered for this not being flagged. Adams was a defenseless receiver when the 49ers defensive back swooped in and collided with him helmet-to-helmet.

The league has made an effort to eliminate such hits from the game. Referees shouldn’t have missed that one, especially when they had just called a tripping penalty on a Packers defender a few minutes prior. The less important flag was raised. The more serious kept their hands in their pockets.

The good news is that Adams was cleared to play again soon after sustaining the injury. While he appeared shaken at first, he was spared any serious head injuries. That is the crucial point.

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