What to watch out for in the ‘Westworld’ season finale

What to watch out for in the ‘Westworld’ season finale

In its first season, HBO’s “Westworld” was a few luxurious amusement park the place guests would possibly cavort with human-like robotic “hosts” in a Wild West setting — with quite a few timelines and surprising reveals (Jeffrey Wright’s seemingly human character Bernard was really a robotic!)

Nevertheless Season 1 was easy as compared with Season 2, which not solely launched additional settings (Shogun World, Raj World) however moreover included revelations regarding the park’s true agenda.

As a result of the Season 2 finale attracts near (9 p.m. Sunday on HBO), it’s sure to rearrange events for Season three (which doesn’t however have a premiere date).

Proper listed here are some issues to seek for inside the 90-minute season-ender.

How did the Valley flood, and the way in which did Teddy get there?

The first episode of Season 2 ends with an eerie final shot: a flooded valley filled with ineffective host our our bodies, and Teddy Flood (James Marsden) is amongst them. Inside the time-jump “Westworld” kind, the rest of Teddy’s story this season has unraveled quite a few days sooner than this event. Nevertheless he shot himself in last week’s penultimate episode, so the current has lastly caught as a lot as his timeline. Now that he’s ineffective (a minimal of for now) the question stays: how does his physique get to that flooded valley — and for what perform?

Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) rides into the movement on Sunday’s season finale of “Westworld” on HBO.HBOIs Dolores actually the antagonist?

The eighth episode, “Kiksuya,” which revealed the Ghost Nation hosts as being pivotal to the park’s historic previous, organize Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) as a result of the potential antagonist of this story. Season 1 launched her as the first enlightened host. Season 2 revealed that Akecheta (Zahn McClarnon) was actually the first to realize consciousness, and he ominously refers to Dolores as “Deathbringer.” Will she lastly attain her darkish potential inside the finale?

Is William actually a bunch, and is Emily really ineffective?

William (Ed Harris) has been on an prolonged and bloody marketing campaign by the park since Season 1. In Season 2 we met his daughter, Emily (Katja Herbers), nonetheless in last week’s beautiful episode William shot her, contemplating she was a bunch. It seems clear that she was human, nonetheless since “Westworld” loves its surprising reveals, you in no way know. Equally, in his anguish after the tragic deed, William paused to substantiate that he wasn’t a bunch, each. Was he merely being paranoid, or does Ford (Anthony Hopkins) have one different trick up his sleeve?

What’s going to happen to the entire customer data?

The Maze was a repeated puzzle in Season 1, nonetheless Season 2 has lingered on the mysterious Valley Previous. We’ve realized that it was initially William’s idea, that Akecheta thinks it’s a “door” to the true world, and that it seems to be like like an unlimited laptop computer server. Bernard later clarifies that its true perform is to collect and retailer guests’ private data, Fb-style. Since all of the precept characters are converging on the Valley and looking for to utilize it for his or her very personal ends, it stays to be seen exactly how this data is likely to be weaponized and who it’s going to serve.

Publish-credits scene

Don’t overlook that Season 1 had a scene after the credit score ended. Stick spherical after the credit score end Sunday night time time.

“Westworld” Season finale 9 p.m. Sunday on HBO

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