Watch: Hyenas treated to bubble bath at zoo

Watch: Hyenas treated to bubble bath at zoo

After a protracted day on the Milwaukee County Zoo, the hyenas took a much-needed bubble tub.

The bath was part of a specific guidelines of animal enrichment requests from the zookeepers to strengthen animal well-being via the holiday season, known as the “Giving Tree.”

The Giving Tree is a Christmas tree embellished with do-it-yourself ornaments that symbolize each request. Visitors can choose an ornament from the tree to take dwelling and purchase the merchandise listed for the zoo.

Totally different zookeeper requests embody a lava lamp for the Humboldt Penguins, a hammock for the ferrets, pasta for the primates and additional.

And do not fret — the bubbles used to lather zoo animals, identical to the frolicking hyenas, are non-toxic and the an identical sort used for teenagers’ bubble baths.

For a full guidelines of requests, go to the Milwaukee County Zoo’s web page.

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