The troubling Scientology-Farrakhan alliance, hawks and Syria, and other comments

The troubling Scientology-Farrakhan alliance, hawks and Syria, and other comments

From the correct: Troubling Scientology-Farrakhan Alliance

Scientology has lengthy been underneath public scrutiny, on condition that this “faith in contrast to some other . . . operates as a enterprise at greatest and as a cult at worst,” notes Bethany Mandel at Nationwide Evaluation. However its “deep relationship” with Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam “has gone nearly totally unreported.” At the same time as Farrakhan has “doubled down on his anti-Semitism,” the 2 teams are “working collectively much more carefully.” The church just lately honored the “humanitarian” efforts of NOI official Tony Muhammad, who spreads the notion that vaccines trigger autism. And rising numbers of NOI members have gotten Scientologists – with Farrakhan receiving profitable commissions on cash his followers spend on Scientology programs and auditing. Says Mandel: “The comingling of those two organizations, troubling and highly effective in their very own methods individually, ought to ship a chill down our spines.”

Numbers-cruncher: Why Constructing in NY Prices So A lot

Fraud, of the sort detailed by a current lawsuit towards development unions, alleging $100 million in inflated prices on the Hudson Yards undertaking, will not be the main cause why development prices listed below are so costly, maintains Nicole Gelinas at Metropolis State. The larger drawback “is what’s authorized” – and “it’s a lot more durable to repair.” Begin with “inefficient work practices,” together with union-mandated overstaffing: “When a tunnel employee in New York makes $118.85 an hour in wages and advantages, as required by New York’s state prevailing wage legislation, that’s numerous wasted cash.” However unions resist any adjustments, as a result of “they want new, younger employees to maintain paying into” their broke retirements funds “so as to help the advantages of older, retiring employees.” Builders, each private and non-private, “should additionally pay ever-higher well being premiums on behalf of union employees.”

Safety desk: Don’t Count on Hawks To Save Conflict in Syria

Standard knowledge in Washington, suggests Bloomberg’s Eli Lake, is that solely Protection Secretary Jim Mattis “can save the nation from conflict” instigated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Nationwide Safety Adviser John Bolton. However, “like most standard knowledge within the Trump period,” that is “all incorrect,” particularly in terms of Syria. The president “truly needs to chop and run from this tragic nation,” a degree he made simply final week, when he mentioned: “Let the opposite individuals handle it now” — which is “a very good abstract of Barack Obama’s strategy to Syria.” In truth, the “grown-ups” whom everybody hoped would restrain Trump, truly urged him “to offer the conflict he inherited an opportunity. It’s Trump who needs to repeat the errors of his predecessor.”

Demographers: What Census Numbers Actually Inform Us

The newest Census numbers revealed one thing Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox at Metropolis Journal say “the mainstream media would favor to disregard”: Inhabitants progress in large cities nationwide is slowing. Certainly, “the nation’s two megacities, New York and LA, are shedding home migrants far sooner than smaller metropolitan areas.” The “main shock” was the expansion of “medium-size metropolitan areas,” particularly “the place shopping for a house stays possible for middle- and even working-class households.” Reality is, “Des Moines, Columbus and Indianapolis” are “rising a lot sooner than New York, Los Angeles or Chicago.” Furthermore, “individuals are transferring again to the suburbs.” All this, they are saying, is a optimistic development and “may characterize each a return to the patterns of the earlier decade and the suggestion of a more healthy diffusion of city progress.”Libertarian: Social Media Make Us Crave Approval

Expertise could have gotten extra superior, however “individuals don’t appear to have gotten considerably smarter or better-informed,” complains Glenn Harlan Reynolds at USA At the moment. And there’s no denying the position performed by social media, that are “designed to take advantage of our evolutionary weak point.” Again “when people developed in small bands of 20 to 100 individuals, standing throughout the tribe was vitally essential” and survival was based mostly largely on recognition. Social media corporations “know this and make the most of it,” determining new methods to “preserve us engaged.” Consequently, they “lower individuals’s consideration spans” and “focus individuals extra on personalities and standing than on details and substance.”— Compiled by Eric Fettmann

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