This ‘geode cake’ sure looks like a vagina

This ‘geode cake’ sure looks like a vagina

Abby Jimenez, owner of bakery Nadia Cakes, couldn’t wait to show off her geode cake — on social media. She designed the sweet treat to look like a gemstone, with a rock-candy indentation made to resemble sparkly volcanic rocks.

But on Saturday, when she uploaded a photo of the cake on Facebook, her followers thought it resembled something else.

“Looks like a vagina,” one Facebook user astutely pointed out in the comments.

“Check the comments on this cooter cake,” another wrote.

Jimenez was surprised by the reaction, and the cake quickly went viral.

“My mind didn’t go there,” Jimenez, who’s based in Maple Grove, Minn., tells The Post. “I probably wouldn’t have posted it if I saw that. We’re a family business — we don’t make X-rated cakes.”

But instead of being upset over the mishap, Jimenez took it in stride and saw a marketing opportunity.

She renamed her cake “the vageode,” and it’s been flying off the shelves, with hundreds sold so far.

“There’s been no negative reaction,” Jimenez says. “People come and take selfies with [the vageode cakes].”

To capitalize on the trend, Jimenez is selling a trio of vageode cakes in “waffle blue,” “labia pink” and “vagenta” colors for mother’s day.

“People are cracking up about them,” she says.

Jimenez, who’s also a romance novelist, saw an uptick in her author social-media pages. On Facebook, her author page went from 3,000 to 24,000 followers.

“Now I have an army of perverts from all over the world,” she says.

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