Study: Your state’s favorite viral YouTube video

Study: Your state's favorite viral YouTube video

In a not-so-scientific, nonetheless really eyebrow-raising study, GetCenturyLink simply currently launched a report on each state’s favorite viral YouTube motion pictures.

People who grew up looking the early years of YouTube will likely take into accout just a few of those motion pictures.

Some are heartwarming. Others are hilarious. And some are merely downright uncommon and will have you ever questioning the sanity of humanity. Nonetheless for irrespective of motive, all through the board, clients smashed the share button again and again until these motion pictures went viral, gathering lots of of 1000’s and lots of of 1000’s of views.

Discover that only a few of these motion pictures comprise some foul language.

Listed below are basically essentially the most viral motion pictures in each state:

“JK Wedding ceremony Entrance Dance” (97 million views, July 2009)

Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

“Three-year-old Mateo Makes His Case for Cupcakes: ‘Linda, honey, merely concentrate” (65 million views, March 2014)

Arizona, California, Florida, Kansas, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma

“Charlie the Unicorn” (32 million views, January 2008)

Alaska, Maine, Montana, North Dakota, West Virginia, Wyoming

“Charlie bit my finger” (864.9 million views, May 2007)

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, North Carolina, Texas

“Conceal Yo Kids, Conceal Yo Partner” (69 million views, April 2012)

Alabama, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington

“Rebecca Black – Friday” (127.5 million views, September 2011)

Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky

“The Crazy Nasty*** Honey Badger” (89 million views, January 2011)

Colorado, Oregon, Minnesota

“Evolution of Dance” (304.2 million views, April 2006)

Mississippi, New Hampshire

“Chocolate Rain by Tay Zonday” (119.4 million views, April 2007)

Rhode Island, Vermont

“Daft Fingers – Extra sturdy, Increased, Faster, Stronger” (69 million views, June 2007)


“David After Dentist” (138 million views, January 2009)

South Dakota

“Miss Teen USA 2007 – South Carolina options a question” (67 million views, August 2007)


“Potter Puppet Buddies: The Mysterious Ticking Noise” (183.Three million views, March 2007)


“Closing Canine Tease” (194.9 million views, May 2011)

District of Columbia

“Zombie Little one Likes Turtles” (60 million views, June 2007)


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