The statue-smashers go after … McKinley?

The statue-smashers go after … McKinley?

The Metropolis Council of Arcata, Calif., has voted to take away the city’s most distinguished statue on the grounds that it represents “historic ache” to Native Individuals; native advocates declare the 25th president promoted “settler colonialism.”

It appears extra like progressives with an excessive amount of time on their arms seeking to rally round a helpful, if not very fact-based, trigger.

Sure, McKinley’s time in workplace marked the top of the sovereign standing of the Choctaw, Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole and Cherokee tribes — however that’s a modest footnote within the historical past of federal-Indian relations.

He additionally presided over the Spanish-American Warfare, which left Puerto Rico, Cuba and the Philippines as US possessions, in addition to the peaceable annexation of Hawaii — which can make him an imperialist, however shouldn’t a lot matter to Native Individuals.

But the small Humboldt County city (pop. 18,000) has no Accomplice or Columbus monuments to take away, so Arcata’s activists apparently settled for the one obtainable goal — despite the fact that McKinley fought for the Union within the Civil Warfare.

The seek for grievances, it appears, can’t be allowed to fail.

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