Liberal Biology Professors Refuse to Say When Life Begins, But Science Confirms It’s Conception

Academia swings arduous left on the political spectrum, so it ought to come as no shock that many biology professors are reluctant to confess that human life begins at conception.

A brand new investigation by the Faculty Repair discovered that greater than a dozen professors refused to reply the query, “When do particular person human lives start?” It’s a organic query, although abortion activists attempt to manipulate the talk by turning it right into a philosophical one.

Janice Knepper, a biochemistry professor at Villanova College, instructed The Repair that there isn’t a proper reply to the query.

“[S]cientists can not reply the query, because it doesn’t generate a testable speculation,” Knepper stated. “Any reply is an opinion, and the opinion relies upon upon your definition.”

Case Western Reserve College biology professor Arnold Caplan shrugged the query off as “political … not scientific.”

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Right here’s extra:

The 13 professors contacted by The Faculty Repair had been from a various group of colleges together with Stanford, Wichita State College, and Chapman College. 11 of the professors failed to answer quite a few emails. Two professors responded however dodged the query by claiming that it was not scientific.

The issue is that they’re answering the unsuitable query. Scientifically, there’s a proper reply to when human life begins. Quite a few sources level to the truth that a novel, particular person human life begins in the intervening time of conception. Dozens of scientists and medical textbooks state this truth, and even some abortion activists admit it to be true. Jodi Jacobson, a widely known pro-abortion blogger, wrote in 2014, “Life Begins At Conception. That’s Not the Level.”

The biology professors that The Repair interviewed didn’t reply the scientific query. As a substitute, they selected to reply – or not reply – a philosophical query that was not requested however that abortion activists wrongly deal with as the identical query: When is a human life helpful? The one constant reply is that each human life is efficacious, from the second it begins to the second it ends. However that isn’t a handy reply for the left’s pro-abortion agenda.

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