Letters to the editor – June 5

Letters to the editor – June 5

Trump, not Obamacare, wants repealing
It’s time to placed on maintain repealing and changing Obamacare and as an alternative repeal and change Donald Trump.
Sufficient is sufficient. He must go.

Subsequent step, withdraw from UN
Now that the president has pulled the nation from the Paris Local weather Settlement the following step ought to be to drag the nation from the circus that’s the United Nations. The UN is a bloated, self serving, bureaucratic black gap that accomplishes little or no.

Placing poll photographs on-line might rebuild belief
Re: the Might 29. article “Pima County choose: Poll photographs not topic to public launch”
Electoral transparency and accountability are doable, however the political will to realize such fascinating outcomes is absent. Voters mark paper ballots. The paper ballots are fed by machines that photocopy each side of each poll.
These computer-generated poll photographs are then utilized by the machine to depend votes. After the vote tallies are recorded, the poll photographs that produced the election outcomes are destroyed.
We, the folks, by no means get to look at how the machine decided which marks depend (and which marks don’t) inside the pc’s “black field.” Posting .pdf information of all of the poll photographs on-line would enable everybody to verify how precisely a machine interpreted the voter’s intent.
Laptop hacking threats undermine electoral integrity; opening the vote-count course of to the sunshine of public inspection from any and all political stripes is an inexpensive and simple repair that would rebuild our crumbling belief in elections.

It’s the corporate he retains
We’ve a president who enjoys the corporate of the Russian international minister and ambassador (a KGB agent par excellence) visibly greater than constructing a relationship with Angela Merkel, the de facto chief of the European Union and one of many U.S.’s principal allies.
He clearly feels extra snug with autocrats like el-Sissi of Egypt, Erdogan of Turkey, Duterte of the Philippines, and can be “honored” to fulfill with Kim Jong Un of North Korea, doubtlessly the best navy risk to our nation.

He additionally appears to choose to take part in saber dances together with his Saudi Arabian hosts to assuring our NATO allies of our continued friendship and cooperation.
A robust recipe for “Making America Nice Once more” …

Paris accord withdrawal proves Trump is unfit
So Trump pulled us out of the Paris Local weather Settlement. Because of this Trump intentionally handicapped our capacity to compete within the quickly rising renewables trade, that Trump intentionally made us a pariah on the world stage, that Trump desires us to fall behind the remainder of the world in adapting to future challenges, and that Trump helps ever extra catastrophic droughts, floods, fires and famines.
And for what? To spite former President Obama?
Phrases start to fail in terms of describing this degree of malevolent idiocy. I don’t assume we will repair this type of stupidity. Let’s impeach it as an alternative.