Leaving the UN Human Rights Council was the moral choice

Leaving the UN Human Rights Council was the moral choice

So lengthy, haters.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ambassador Nikki Haley on Tuesday introduced america is quitting the UN Human Rights Council — which, as Pompeo put it, is “an train in shameless hypocrisy” whose members embrace severe abusers of the rights it supposedly goals to guard.

Plus, it’s obsessive about bashing Israel, condemning the Jewish state 70 occasions on varied trumped-up expenses during the last 12 years, much more consideration than it’s given to precise human-rights violations in the whole remainder of the world.

The council is the successor to the UN Fee on Human Rights, which had all the identical issues — which is why Washington give up it beneath President George W. Bush. Establishing the brand new physique was a part of a deal that introduced america again beneath President Barack Obama, who claimed he’d pursue “reform from inside.”

However the brand new council’s members nonetheless included rampant abusers similar to China, Venezuela, Iran and, most just lately, the Democratic Republic of the Congo — which joined whilst mass graves have been uncovered there.

So long as so many UN members don’t give a rattling about rights, any UN physique that pretends to guard them shall be only a perverse and cynical sham. It’s much better to not play together with the sport.

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