How sunshine makes us … stupid?

How sunshine makes us … stupid?

Sunny skies trigger folks to pay much less consideration to what they’re doing; they daydream and really feel extra relaxed by it.

Biometeorology research present folks focus much less when the solar is shining. Watch the video above to be taught extra. (If you cannot see it, go to the Storm Defend YouTube web page.)

Whereas we might not work as laborious when it is sunny, there are many advantages. Pure daylight hits the pores and skin and supplies folks with Vitamin D, which protects in opposition to irritation and lowers blood strain. Vitamin D additionally improves mind operate, which can assist us refocus once we’re daydreaming.

Research present daylight might carry a decreased threat of breast and prostate cancers, additionally due to Vitamin D.

One report says to focus on at the least 10 minutes of non-sunscreened publicity to the solar day-after-day. (Any greater than that may result in sunburn.)

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