Battling ‘Homeland’ sisters reach a boiling point

Battling ‘Homeland’ sisters reach a boiling point


9 p.m., Sunday, Showtime

Carrie and Maggie Mathison have orchestrated a bona fide sister act this season on “Homeland” — and not in a good way. Carrie’s (Claire Danes) bipolar disorder, largely unchecked, has reared its unpredictable head, impacting not only her young daughter, Frannie, but Carrie’s already testy relationship with older sister Maggie (Amy Hargreaves) — a psychiatrist — and her brother-in-law Bill (Mackenzie Astin). In Sunday night’s episode (9 p.m./Showtime), the sisters’ combustible relationship is severely tested.

Hargreaves, 48, answered a few questions about Maggie and about working on “Homeland.”

Describe Maggie for me.

Maggie can be seen, I guess, as cold by some people … she likes a clinical approach to life but she’s also a very loving and maternal person. It doesn’t matter that Frannie is not her own child. I played mothers before I was a mother [she has two teenagers] and there’s something that kind of clicks in for women after they give birth. I have access to those deeper emotions.

Were you told that Maggie would have such a beefy subplot this season?

I hadn’t been in the last two seasons [of “Homeland”] and all of a sudden my phone rang last summer. I was out in the Bay Area of San Francisco shooting “13 Reasons Why” [she plays Clay Jensen’s mom, Lainie]. They said, “We want Amy for a lot of episodes” [of “Homeland”]. I thought, “Oh my gosh, it’s finally time, Maggie is going to join the CIA and drive a Lamborghini!”

Have you had experience with someone who’s bipolar?

Not anyone close to me, but friends of friends. I relied a lot on the writers and creators, not only in saying the names of the meds, but in how a doctor would proceed. Something I really did love about Maggie from the beginning was that “Homeland” has never been a show that’s black-and-white — even Maggie, who’s considered a good influence, from Day One was stealing meds from a sample cabinet to treat her sister on the down-low. It was a totally shady thing to do.

What can you tell us about Sunday night’s episode?

Maggie is able to finally unload a lot off her chest. For years, she and Carrie have been butting heads, and Maggie finally is able to open up to her sister and express her frustration, but also her admiration and love in a new way. It’s a breakthrough for the sisters.

— Michael Starr

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