Al Sharpton’s latest unseemly racket

Everybody agrees that Nationwide Motion Community revolves across the Rev. Al Sharpton, which is what makes the nonprofit’s $531,000 cost to him so unseemly.

The money buys the NAN the rights to The Rev’s life story for 10 years, supposedly in order that the charity can profitably license the rights to Hollywood and different comers.

In accordance with Sharpton, two board members got here to him with the concept as a approach for NAN to have some dependable earnings after he retires. In any case, the logic goes, he’s 64 however clearly the primary promoting level for all of the nonprofit’s fund-raising.

Downside is, it’s probably not clear who’d be shopping for what, or when. If Spike Lee comes calling, possibly the guess pays off — however, with all due respect, Sharpton isn’t precisely Malcolm X.

So the acquisition may wind up a windfall for The Rev and a straight loss for NAN, which already pays him a snug $244,000-plus a yr, plus perks. And it’s not just like the group has any experience in promoting such rights: Its experience is in social-justice points.

Kudos to The Put up’s Melissa Klein for locating the weird cost in an obscure tax submitting, which claims the board’s “government committee independently accredited” the deal.

Sorry: As famous, nothing that occurs at NAN is really impartial of Al Sharpton: It’s his child, begin to end. Which suggests the problem may put the nonprofit’s tax-exempt standing in danger if the IRS treats this as an extra profit to considered one of its key officers.

After all, even the feds are cautious of crossing The Rev: The IRS has given him years to make good on thousands and thousands in unpaid taxes, even swallowing his claims that years of information vanished in a fireplace.

Heck, getting away with the unseemly has been Al Sharpton’s M.O. ever since he rose to fame within the Tawana Brawley affair. No actual surprise that he’s headed to retirement in the identical outrageous spirit.

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