After Tristan Thompson’s apology, Khloe Kardashian introduces True’s…


After Tristan Thompson’s apology, Khloe Kardashian introduces True’s new pet cat.

An overabundance of cuteness! True Thompson recently acquired a new grey cat with brilliant blue eyes. Khloe Kardashian has already fallen in love with the rest of the globe.

After recent tension with True Thompson’s father Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian, 37, gave her three-year-old daughter True Thompson a beautiful kitten. On Sunday, Jan. 9, the youngster joyfully displayed her new pet in a post on her mother’s Instagram account.

True flashed a toothy grin as she showed off a grey cat with brilliant blue eyes that wore a bedazzled pink collar and looked gorgeous in pink. True and the new cat appeared to get along immediately away, as the cat sat comfortably in True’s arms throughout the photoshoot. Khloe seemed to be in love as well, as she captioned the photo with a white heart emoji.

After her recent COVID ordeal, True surely deserves to be happy. Just before Halloween, she and her mother both tested positive. Fortunately, she was able to enjoy plenty of cuddles with her mother. Khloe wore a cat costume to make her daughter’s confinement Halloween extra special.

True’s parents, Khloe and Tristan, have been having a lot of trouble lately, so the addition to the family comes at a good time. Since her NBA star ex fathered a child with Texas trainer Maralee Nichols, 31, the Good American entrepreneur has kept a quiet profile. Tristan was initially accused of having an affair with Maralee and being the father of her child by Maralee. The 31-year-old basketball player from Toronto was hesitant to address the allegations, other than admitting to cheating with Maralee once, although he denied it was a five-month affair.

Tristan only recently obtained legal custody of Maralee’s child after paternity tests revealed he was the father of a third child. On Jan. 3, 2022, he announced on his Instagram Stories, «Today, paternity test results reveal that I fathered a child with Maralee Nichols.» «I take full responsibility for my conduct,» he said.

He said, «Khloe, you don’t deserve this.» «You don’t deserve the pain and disgrace I’ve inflicted on you. You don’t deserve to be treated the way I have throughout the years. My actions have absolutely not reflected how I feel about you.»

Khloe’s reaction to the public apology note was disclosed by sources close to her. «Khloe is relieved to see that he accepted responsibility and admitted to being Maralee’s father,» a source close to the Kardashians told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. «While that was the proper thing to do, Khloe wishes he had stopped there. Khloe is unconcerned with his apology since his words have lost their meaning for her. She has lost faith in him and will never be able to trust him again.»

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